Here’s what our attendees have said:

On Exceeding Expectations:

“As this was my first retreat, I wasn't sure what to expect but now that I know both of you, I am not surprised in the slightest that every moment of the retreat exceeded my expectations.”

“Everything went beyond my expectations and I had an amazing time learning and exploring with the group.”

“The business part of the lessons, particularly pitches/proposals/contracts, etc. most exceeded what I was expecting. I would never have known what goes into this part of the process and I think this behind-the-scenes part of blogging is the toughest to find information on. Plus, it's so much more valuable to get the information from people who have experience with it!”

“I couldn't believe how transparent you guys were with us. That was SO incredibly helpful and went way beyond what I was expecting!”

What Attendees Appreciated the Most:

“This is tough, but I feel like it was so valuable hearing the business side from you guys to get varying perspectives on what works, why it works, and how things can be used to fit our own businesses.”

“Learning about Pinterest was mind blowing (I literally had no idea it was such a valuable tool.) Needing to make my site secure was a game changer. And seeing your media kits and an example pitch helped demystify the process and provided valuable guidance on what to include. Those were my “ah-ha” moments from the retreat.”

“I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet other likeminded bloggers. I feel like I now have a community of women I both admire and respect. Also thanks to G&G I now have a vision for a clear path forward in the space; I understand what I want to do and how to do it. Can't thank you ladies enough.”

“You guys struck the perfect balance between anecdotal, personalized examples and broader industry information.”

“The instruction. I went in wanting to take my blog to the next level and your curriculum set me up to do that. It would have taken me so much time and energy to find that information out via Google searches, etc. and even then I wouldn’t have trusted it. I’m so glad I came to the retreat.”

When Asked If They Would Recommend GATHER + GETAWAY:

“100%! That I walked away feeling like I learned so much and made new friends! 100% worth the investment if you’re serious about wanting to blog.”

“Absolutely. I would tell people that this retreat outlines exactly what you need to do to be successful in this business, no matter which aspect/aspects of it you are looking to pursue. It gives you a clear idea of where you should focus your time, money and energy to actually get where you want to go. Plus, it provides an amazing element of community that will stay with you long after the retreat ends.”

“This is the perfect opportunity for anyone with an interest in travel writing and photography to take their craft to the next level and learn how to make a business of it.”

“G&G equipped me beyond anything I expected when I signed up. I gained a great community of women with similar passions who support me. I got insider knowledge by watching successful influencers work. And most importantly I gained the confidence to pursue this dream.”

“Yes - a great opportunity to meet women who operate their businesses from a place of integrity.”

“1000%. G&G is more than just a retreat to hone your craft and work on the business of your blog. It's also an opportunity to build a network of bloggers that you can utilize well beyond the weekend. This very retreat is the definition of women empowering women and you can feel that theme throughout the sessions and excursions. After the weekend, you will feel uplifted and motivated in all aspects of your life, not just blogging.”