Meet the Founders

We’re two small town girls (from the same small town, actually!) who discovered the rest of the world. Recognizing the deep, transformative power of travel, the two of us share a passion for global experiences and immersive storytelling.

We connected over coffee in San Francisco (after meeting on Twitter, as one does) and have been pillars of support and encouragement for each other ever since. Along the way, travel writing, blogging, and photography have become our full-time careers.

Now we’re nurturing a supportive space for fellow female creators who embody our values of quality, integrity, and purpose in all that we pursue. Our hope is that bringing the right group of women together to “spill our secrets” to and support in the ever-changing digital media landscape will be as transformative for you as any trip you could take.

Join us for four days of educational seminars, transparent talks, hands-on workshops, content creation, social strategy, and more, in one of the world’s most beautiful and relaxed coastal locations.

We can’t wait to share all that we’ve learned on our journeys. Let us help you along yours.


About Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright is a travel creative and photographer, who is based in Marin, California.

As the full time travel blogger behind Bon Traveler, she works with brands in the travel and lifestyle space, creating collaborative content that is shared across social and the blog. She is true believer in traveling well and traveling often, in efforts to help others to be inspired to explore every corner of this world.

Her more notable clients include Ritz-Carlton, Adobe, Anthropologie, Turkish Airlines, and more.

anne london.JPG

About Anne Lowrey

Anne Lowrey is an award-winning freelance travel writer based in San Francisco.

She has worked as a member of the content teams at companies such as TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and Google, with freelance work appearing in publications such as BBC Travel and Eater. She most recently won two Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing 2018.

Anne passionately believes you don’t have to give up the life you’re already living to see the world. She blogs at Part-Time Traveler, which emphasizes the connection between and balance of travel and home. She holds degrees in English and Global Studies from UCLA.